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  3. Latest News
    12 AprTo15 Apr
    Best Food company participated Food and HOTEL Asia exhibition in Singapore.

    Welcome to Food&HotelAsia2016!

    Welcome to the 20th staging of Food&HotelAsia (FHA) in Singapore, the largest-ever showing to date! Six specialised trade shows - FoodAsia, Bakery&Pastry, HotelAsia, HospitalityStyleAsia, SpecialityCofee&Tea and HospitalityTechnology - each distinctively tailored to provide industry professionals with direct access to latest products, services and technological solutions, are gearing up to present an even stronger line-up of products from 12 to 15 April 2016 at the Singapore Expo.

    Spanning across 10 halls and with a first outdoor expansion Hall 7 Annex to cater to accommodate more FoodAsia exhibitors, FHA2016 is undoubtedly the largest and most comprehensive instalment yet. More than 3,000 exhibiting companies from 72 countries/regions and 58 international group pavilions will be gathered at one convenient location to receive over 68,000 government, business and trade attendees hailing from over 90 countries/regions. These industry professionals are congregating to establish new alliances with the relevant business community and key decision makers in the food and hospitality trade.

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